The Accountant

17 Dec 2014
The final chapter of the Hobbit, the Battle of the Five Armies, hits theaters today. This is a classic battle of good

Tax Tips with Ed; Withholdings

25 Nov 2014
This year has been an incredibly busy one for me, as I was privileged enough to be invited to 9 different weddings

What is Forensic Accounting?

11 Nov 2014
Who are forensic accountants and what are the differences between regular accountants and forensic accountants? Regular accountants look at the numbers; forensic

Tax Tips With Ed: Stock Options

07 Oct 2014
Stock Options One of the more popular ways that employers can compensate employees, besides traditional wages, is through the use of equity

Tax Tips With Ed: Sales Tax

01 Sep 2014
Sales taxes present a unique challenge for a business owner and managers – while most people are aware of their requirements to