Conducting Appropriate Time Studies

24 Jun 2016
SED continues to stress that the most acceptable way to charge personnel costs is either through detailed contemporaneous time records or by conducting acceptable time

Desk Audits

05 Jun 2016
If you received your 2015 desk audit questions, you may have noticed that your RSU accountant is asking more questions than in

Time Studies

30 May 2016
The State Education Department (SED) continues to stress the importance of time studies as the primary method for charging payroll related costs

Special Education Notice

26 May 2016
New York State Special Education has sent out a notification to all approved special education providers signifying they are in need of

Medicaid in Education Alert

30 Mar 2016
An important Medicaid reimbursement processing change will take place during the 2016-17 school year. The contract with the Central New York Regional

The OAG Front

12 Feb 2016
In November 2015, the New York City Office of the Auditor General, the audit arm of the New York City Board of

New SEIT Methodology

30 Jan 2016
Unless you live under a rock, you know that the new SEIT reimbursement methodology was recently issued. As required by Chapter 56

2016-17 Executive Budget Summary

28 Jan 2016
On January 13, 2016 Governor Cuomo gave his 2016 State of the State and Executive Budget Address where he discussed the proposed