At Cerini & Associates, we believe that to truly serve the non-profit sector, you need to give back to it also. As a result, we have a long history of supporting the nonprofit sector through donations of both time and money. We encourage all of our staff to get involved. One way we do this through the Cerini Challenge. The Cerini Challenge is a way that our staff can challenge themselves, their friends, and their families in raising money for the nonprofit sector. We encourage you to consider joining a challenge, donating to an existing challenge, or starting your own challenge … take it from us, it feels great on every level.

2017 Cerini Challenge

Another year, another Cerini Challenge. As a board member of the Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN), I will once again be directing my efforts to raising money for LE&RN. LE&RN is an awesome organization focused on the study of the lymphatic system in an effort to find a cure for lymphatic related disorders, including lymphedema, a condition that impact more than 5 million people. Scientists believe that such disorders as obesity, autoimmune diseases, cancer, diabetes, heart issues, and more, are all linked to the lymphatic system. If we can unlock the mysteries of the lymphatic system, we may be able to better understand and combat many of the leading causes of death.

This is an extremely worthy organization … so I need to pick challenges that will mirror the significance of LE&RN. After all, I am expecting everyone to give big, so I need to go big!

In June, I will be spending a week on the Pika Glacier in Alaska, freezing my assets off. While there I will be climbing such routes as the Munchkin, Middle Troll, Lost Marsupial, and the Dragon’s Spine. These will include glacier traversing, rock/ice climbing, dealing with ice holes, and more. These are all fairly significant climbs.

In July, it’s off to the Canadian Rockies where I will spend 10 days climbing such mountains as Assiniboine (also known as the Canadian Matterhorn), Mt. Sir Donald, Mt Castle, Mt Faye, Mt Temple, Mt Louis, and I am sure I’ll try a few more Mt’s while I’m there. We picked endeavors that are all between 10 and 13 hours a day (I believe in penance in exchange for your contributions).

In August I will be back in Colorado for some rock climbing and 14,000 foot peak bagging.

Clearly, I am giving it my all, and I am looking for you to do the same. Please contribute to the 2017 Cerini Challenge and help me in my efforts to raise $10,000 for LE&RN.

**The link to Donate will be up soon. Stay tuned!**



2016 Cerini Challenge

Part III

First of all, I would like to thank all of you who have supported me in the Cerini Challenge thus far, and my efforts to raise money for the Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN). LE&RN is a great organization that continues to fund research and support for lymphatic disorders that impact more than 5 million Americans.

To date, during 2016, I have climbed several 14,000 foot peeks and crack systems in Colorado and scaled 23 pitches of crag and rock to the 17,000 foot summit of Mt. Kenya in Africa (a feat that is accomplished by less than 50 people per year).

Now, in my most difficult challenge of all …. I will attempt a 10 day relaxing vacation in Ireland with my wife. Just like Ebenezer Scrooge, I dread this third spirit the most. I crave activity, adrenaline rushes, the constant push to accomplish. The leisurely stroll, 3 meals a day in restaurants, and the “can we look in this store?” …. definitely not me.

What will make this trip better is if you would consider continuing to support me in my efforts to raise money for LE&RN, and make a difference in the lives of millions of people. I am 37% to my goal. I know you all held back for this … a chance to give me the support and push to make it through this leg of the Cerini Challenge. Like Tinker Bell, I need to see your support so I don’t whither and cease to exist. Please show me you believe in me, by making a donation to LE&RN.




Part II

Welcome to the second leg of my Cerini Challenge. Each year I find adventurous things to do to help raise money for the Lymphatic Education & Research Network, an organization dedicated to providing support and finding cures for lymphatic disorders.

In July, I did a 23 pitch rock climb to the 12,057 foot summit of Batian, the tallest point on Mt. Kenya.

On August 18th, I leave for Colorado, where I will climb several mountains (both technical and non-technical), including 10 of the 14,000 foot peaks that Colorado is known for.

Once again, I need your support. I am well below my $10,000 goal and would greatly appreciate you giving to LE&RN to both support their tremendous program and also to support me in my efforts.



Part I

For this year’s Cerini Challenge, Ken Cerini traveled to Africa (July 18th-29th) and climbed Mount Kenya to raise awareness for the Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to fight lymphatic disease and lymphedema through education, research and advocacy.

On Sunday, July 24th I set out to climb Mt Kenya at 4:30 in the morning. With headlamp blazing, I slowly trudge up the scree field to the face of the 23 pitch rock climb, with my local climbing guide David. We scaled the walls, traversed the knife-edge trails, and breathed in the ever thinning air, as we made it to the summit of Mt Kenya at 12:20. Completely fogged in, we were unable to take any pictures. We waited about 20 minutes and then started our descent, which included down climbing and repels, making it back to camp by 6:30 … a little hungry and a lot tired. I thank all of you who donated to LE&RN on my behalf and I hope you enjoy the pictures from the trip.

For those of you who didn’t donate, I am heading to Colorado to climb and hike several of the 14,000 foot peaks. Please consider supporting me in my efforts.

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