10th Annual Nonprofit Survey

Building A Stronger Sector

The nonprofit sector continues to undergo change. More than ever, nonprofits need to function like businesses, which means a change in the status quo. Collaboration between nonprofits and all of the sectors (the public, the private, and other nonprofits) is essential to build a new, more vibrant sector. In order to succeed, there are many obstacles that the sector needs to overcome, including rising demand for services, shrinking public support, increased competition for resources, and more and more regulations the sector must comply with.

The purpose of the nonprofit survey is to obtain information, insights, and trends that the sector can utilize to help drive change, both within the sector and on an organizational level. Survey results were disseminated at Philanthropy Day on November 14, 2014. Click the thumbnail below to open the pdf version.

Nonprofit Survey Results

10th Annual Nonprofit Survey

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