Arts & Culture Application

Arts & Culture Award

This award is available to any arts or cultural organization that has had a significant impact on Long Island, including developing new and/or innovative programming, created a significant measurable impact on the communities they serve, developed effective fee generating programs, or has demonstrated outstanding achievement in their artistic and/or cultural field.

Selection Criteria:

The following will be considered:

  1. Measure of community impact (how have you impacted the community you serve, both socially and economically)
  2. Ingenuity and innovation
  3. How the organization or specific programs differ from other LI based cultural organizations

Need help filling out your application? Click here for a video Ken created to give you some tips on completing your application!

Warning: There is no save feature for the application. To prevent loss of data, please answer questions in a Word Doc and copy/ paste them into the answer boxes.

Deadline to apply was November 22, 2019.

Applications are in! You should be notified by December 16, 2019 if you made it to the semi-finals!

Good luck!