Tax Tips With Ed: Stock Options

07 Oct 2014
Stock Options One of the more popular ways that employers can compensate employees, besides traditional wages, is through the use of equity

Tax Tips With Ed: Sales Tax

01 Sep 2014
Sales taxes present a unique challenge for a business owner and managers – while most people are aware of their requirements to

Data Mining Your Tax Return

14 May 2014
Each year, all businesses are required to file a tax return with the IRS, whether it be an 1120, an 1120S, or

IRS Audits are Lower than Ever!

15 Apr 2014
This April, as our children anxiously await the arrival of the Easter Bunny to stuff their baskets full of cavity-causing agents, one

Game of Thrones Business Synergy

03 Apr 2014
Read Ken Cerini’s “GOT” Business Synergy article here to kick off the Season 4 premiere this Sunday, April 6th. As accountants, we often receive