The Blockchain Revolution

29 Mar 2018
Since the financial crisis of 2008, confidence in the banking system shifted to new horizons, which opened the door for Bitcoin and

Retirement Plan Primer

16 Feb 2018
For businesses, retirement plans can provide tax advantages to owners and give employees a good reason to save for their futures. Each

Take Pride in your Country… and Job!

07 Feb 2018
The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang have officially begun! Ninety four nations are participating in over 100 events across various sports, such

Tax Updates for 2018

29 Dec 2017
At first glance the recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act seems to hit Long Island and all high tax areas pretty

Employee Scheduling Regulations

26 Dec 2017
The Department of Labor has filed proposed rules to adjust the employee scheduling regulations to benefit employees for their “Just-In-Time,” “Call-In,” or