2017 Cerini Challenge Wrap-Up

It’s the fall, my busiest time of the year, which means another Cerini Challenge comes to a close. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who donated to the Cerini Challenge; you have made a difference in the lives of millions of people that rely upon the Lymphatic Education & Research Network to invest in research, provide support and education, and bring awareness to Lymphatic related disorders.

The 2017 Cerini Challenge had its ups and downs, both literally and figuratively. In June I climbed in New Mexico and Southern Colorado, July brought me to the Canadian Rockies for big wall climbing, and August was Northern Colorado for more 14,000 footers. All in, I rock climbed over 12,000 feet of rock, summited eight 14,000 foot peaks (and numerous smaller peaks), walked up (and slid down) snow couloirs, walked over 150 miles, and picked up over 50,000 feet of elevation (the equivalent of over 5,000 flights of stairs). I had to rearrange plans and cut trips short. I got banged up, bruised, and pulled my back … but I kept smiling, knowing you were all supporting me.

While my adventures are over for the year, the “donate here” button lives on. Please consider making a donation to the Cerini Challenge (it’s fully deductible and makes an awesome holiday gift). I am still well short of my $10,000 goal for the year.

Enjoy the fall and I will see you next year for the 2018 Cerini Challenge.

Ken Cerini standing next to giant boulder

2017 Cerini Challenge Part III!

Welcome to the third leg of my 2017 Cerini Challenge. In the first leg I visited New Mexico and Colorado where I rock climbed, hiked through snow, picked up lots of elevation and physically beat up my body in an effort raise money for the Lymphatic Education and Research Network (LE&RN), an organization dedicated to unlock the mysteries of the lymphatic system that will hopefully someday result in a cure for cancer, heart attacks, autoimmune diseases, hypertension, obesity, and more.

In the second leg, I went to the Canadian Rockies where I climbed over 8,000 feet of rock in 4 days, before I had to cut my trip short because my back flared up.

In this, my final leg of the 2017 Cerini Challenge, I am in Colorado climbing numerous mountains, including several 14,000 footers. Through my first two days, we climbed the Shark’s Tooth in Rocky Mountain National Park (over 12,600 feet) and we hiked several peaks in excess of 8,500 feet. These were acclimatization climbs. I am doing this with some persistent back issues, but I feel the benefits of assisting LE&RN in funding long-term medical breakthroughs and being a support system and a voice for the more than 5 million Americans with lymphatic disorders who have nowhere else to turn.

To date, I am well under my $10,000 support goal. For those of you who have given already, thank you. For those who haven’t, what are you waiting for? … please make a donation by clicking here. Together we can make a difference.

2017 Cerini Challenge Part II!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has already contributed to the Cerini Challenge.

For the rest of you, July 20th starts phase 2 of this year’s Cerini Challenge, where we do some fairly extreme stuff to raise money for charity. I am once again supporting the Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN), to raise $10,000. LE&RN is a great organization that provides support and funds research for individuals suffering from Lymphedema and other Lymphatic disorders. Supporting the Cerini Challenge can assist more than 5 million individuals impacted or could result in a better understanding of the Lymphatic system; which could result in the eradication of cancer, obesity, heart disorders, or any one of the myriads of other issues that lead to the loss of loved ones.

In this phase of the Cerini Challenge, I will be heading to the Canadian Rockies where the goal is to climb such peaks as Mt. Castle, Mt. Temper, Mt. Sir Donald, and Mt. Assiniboine. I selected some big mountains, with big climbing in hopes that I could get you to donate big money. Over the next 12 days, I will be climbing thousands of feet of rock, walking over 100 miles, traversing glaciers and ridges, and completely kicking the crap out of my body, all in an effort to help make a difference. All you have to do is click the link below and donate money.

We will be posting pictures over the next 12 days. The more you donate, the harder the stuff I will do. Please help me make a difference and donate to the Cerini Challenge.


2017 Cerini Challenge Update II!

The first phase of the Cerini Challenge is over. We spent the last three days (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) in Colorado. On Wednesday, we climbed the Central Couloir and jumped onto the North Ridge to summit Mt. Sneffels, a 14,157 foot high peak in Colorado. We were supposed to do the Snake Couloir, but the Central Couloir was steeper and more intense looking, so we climbed that instead (by the way a couloir is a narrow gully at a steep grade up in the mountains). By the time we descended, the snow had softened, so we were able to glissade down the steep snow (think of sledding down on your butt).

On Thursday, we climbed El Diente a 14,160 foot peak in Colorado’s San Juan range, and then traversed for over 3.5 hours along an exposed ridge to Mt. Wilson, which stands at 14,016 feet. In total, we covered over 16 miles and over 5,000 feet of elevation gain in around 12 hours (good thing we left before 3:00 am).

Friday was a casual day. We climbed a five pitch objective named Princess Ellas Happy Ending (I don’t make up the names, I just climb them). In order to get to the base of the climb, we had to do a tyrolean traverse above a waterfall on the Uncompahgre River (think of hanging over the river by your harness and pulling yourself across).

On the second leg, I added some new scrapes and gashes … all in the name of charity.

I would like to thank the 21 people that have supported me thus far, and I am once again urging the rest of you to please donate towards my $10,000 goal. There are millions of people suffering from lymphatic disorders; your donation can really make a difference.

Thanks. The second round of the Cerini Challenge starts July 20th.

2017 Cerini Challenge Update I!

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been climbing the last three days in New Mexico, where temperatures have been topping out at over 100 degrees (a little cooler in the Sandias Mountains where we have been climbing.). On Friday we climbed three objectives with rock climbs ranging from 5.6 to 5.10, on Saturday we climbed the Thumb. And Sunday we climbed the needle (an objective climbed less than ten times a year).

Over the last three days, we hiked over 20 miles (over 5,000 feet of elevation gain), climbed 27 pitches of rock (this is over 3,000 feet of rock climbing), and spent over 30 hours on the move. To put it in perspective, our elevation gain is equivalent to about 800 staircases. I am bruised, scraped, and bloody, but I’m still smiling. I can tell you though, at 52, the body isn’t as resilient as it once was. Today is a rest day and tomorrow we drive up to Colorado to climb the Snake Couloir.

I want to thank all of you who have already made a donation to LE&RN in support of my trip. For those of you that haven’t, I once again ask that you consider donating. Look at it this way, you are providing a charity with money in exchange for me torturing myself (I expect a large donation from my family and co-workers).

Check out the pics!


2017 Cerini Challenge

Another year, another Cerini Challenge. As a board member of the Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN), I will once again be directing my efforts to raise money for LE&RN. LE&RN is an awesome organization focused on the study of the lymphatic system to find a cure for lymphatic related disorders, including lymphedema, a condition that impacts more than 5 million people. Scientists believe that such disorders as obesity, autoimmune diseases, cancer, diabetes, heart issues, and more, are all linked to the lymphatic system. If we can unlock the mysteries of the lymphatic system, we may be able to understand better and combat many of the leading causes of death.

This is an extremely worthy organization … so I need to pick challenges that will mirror the significance of LE&RN. After all, I am expecting everyone to give big, so I need to go big!

In June, I will be spending a week in New Mexico climbing some big walls. We will be doing climbs in the Sandias such as the Knife’s Edge on Shield (1,000 foot vertical climb), NW Ridge of the Thumb (1,500 feet of vertical climbing), the SW Ridge of the Needle (11 pitches of 5.8 climbing), Bush Shark Spire/Westron Wynde (2 short but stout climbs), and more. In addition, we will climb Mt Sneffels in the San Juans in Southern Colorado, where we will be taking the Snake Col, a 55 degree show climb to the summit of the 14,250 foot mountain.

In July, it’s off to the Canadian Rockies where I will spend 10 days climbing such mountains as Assiniboine (also known as the Canadian Matterhorn), Mt. Sir Donald, Mt Castle, Mt Faye, Mt Temple, Mt Louis, and I am sure I’ll try a few more Mt’s while I’m there. We picked endeavors that are all between 10 and 13 hours a day (I believe in penance in exchange for your contributions).

In August I will be back in Colorado for some rock climbing and 14,000 foot peak bagging.

Clearly, I am giving it my all, and I am looking for you to do the same. Please contribute to the 2017 Cerini Challenge and help me in my efforts to raise $10,000 for LE&RN.