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New Certification Added to CFR for OASAS, OMH, and OPWDD Filers

19 Oct 2018

If you have spent any time reviewing the new CFR forms you probably noticed that there is a new certification form that administrators need to sign, CFR-iv. This new certification form, which is required by all CFR filers, other than those funded exclusively by SED, asks administrators to certify to a series of compliance questions dealing with such issues as:

  • Filing of tax returns;
  • Filing of CFRs;
  • Accurate reporting of information;
  • Disallowance of non-allowable costs;
  • Proper allocation of administrative costs in relation to ratio value;
  • Obtaining bids/quotes for purchases; and
  • Certain funding source specific certifications

We are unsure as to what OMH, OASAS, and OPWDD will do with this information, but it is interesting that they now require programs to certify their responses.

Also, please don’t forget that the June 30, 2018 CFR is due by October 31st. A 30-day extension can be requested, but beyond that, there are steep penalties imposed by several of the funders, so make sure you file your CFR on time.

If you have any questions, need clarification, or need some help, please do not hesitate to call us.