The fall is a beautiful time of year, especially in New York. The sweet aroma of apples and pumpkins seems to put everyone in a better mood as friends and families get together for pie making and outdoor fun before the weather becomes too cold. During this season of comfortable weather and good food, many also give back to those in need. Each business donates for a different reason, but there are some reasons why you should consider getting involved.

Many people choose to get involved with Not-for-profits because they believe in the cause. There are studies that support the idea that benevolent behavior boosts mood and supports longevity, but charitable behavior today may help reduce your tax liability, as well. Depending on the charitable organization and your business structure, charitable donations may count as a tax deduction on your annual tax return. Charity may also help your business’s productivity. Encouraging employees to participate in walks and other events helps to build bonds between coworkers, strengthen communication skills, boost morale, and increase networking opportunities. In addition to having a more cohesive team, your business will also have the opportunity to promote itself. Aligning your firm’s products and services with a good cause improves your company’s image and sponsorship allows you to advertise while benefiting society. Typically, individuals donate to causes they care about personally. Corporate responsibility has been the trend as of late for businesses both big and small. Not every company can donate millions of dollars or create products that focus on sustainability, but we all have a responsibility to give back to the community in any way we can.

Here at Cerini, we believe in corporate responsibility. Many individuals within the firm partake in various charitable events. This will be the 2nd year we are participating in the LE&RN Brooklyn Bridge Walk with team “Cerini & Associates” and the 5th year participating in the Alexander’s Angels Buddy Walk with team “Luke’s Troop”.

Getting your company involved in your community’s Not-for-Profit Events is easy, and in the fall, the opportunities are almost endless. Here are some local upcoming events:

This fall if you choose to get involved, share it, post it, and tweet it. Use your social media outlets to display your good deed and to help increase awareness for your cause and your business. Whether it is participating in a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge with your employees or cycling, walking or running for another cause, your deed goes beyond monetary donation. By sharing your good deed, you are increasing awareness of worthy causes, and your involvement, with your customers, your employees, and your community.