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Nonprofit CARES Act Update Webinar

**As of April 6, 2021**

Ken Cerini of Cerini & Associates, LLP discussed:

  • How forgiveness interplays with your funding streams
  • With so many resources (HHS, PPP, ERTC, etc.) how they interplay with each other and how they can be effectively deployed
  • While PPP does not open providers up for a Uniform guidance audit, ERTC, HHS, and other CARES Act related funding could … are you appropriately prepared for these audits and do you understand your responsibilities?
  • If you received over $2 million in PPP funding, you could be subject to audit

Thank you to Human Services Council!

The American Rescue Plan Act

**As of March 18, 2021**

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The NYS Health Foundation Helpful Resource List

The recent effects of COVID-19 on our communities and workplaces is of great concern, especially to nonprofits of any size. The New York State Health Foundation recently published a helpful list of national, state, and local resources for nonprofits and community-based organizations. Check out these regularly-updated resources to help get through these difficult times, including food assistance, workers’ rights, healthcare services and more.

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