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Temporary Allowance for School Psychologists to Be Directly Employed by an Early Intervention or Special Education Agency

08 Jul 2016

On June 30, 2016, Governor Cuomo signed legislation allowing Early Intervention (EI) and special education providers to continue to utilize school psychologists to provide psychological services to the children they serve through June 30, 2018. Unlike SED pre-school (4410) programs, the DOH-BEI requires permission to be granted by the DOH prior to the professional engagement with a school psychologist.

EI providers should check the central directory and their qualified personnel (QP) list to see if school psychologists are already included. Providers can utilize this link to check the QP list. If the QP list does not reflect school psychologists they will need to file an amendment to add school psychologists to their EI approval. Click here for a copy of the amendment application.