March 2022 Cerini Connection

Topic: Effective Leadership

Now, more than ever, effective leadership is important. With the hybrid work environment we currently work under, people are experiencing less connection with their actual employer and more of a connection with their direct leadership. Ken Cerini and Guest Donna Sirianni of Moving Forward Strategies discuss what makes an effective leader and how to build strong leadership within your organization. (Originally aired 3/9/22)

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Donna Sirianni
Co-Founder, CEO
Donna Sirianni brings high energy, authenticity, and enthusiasm to her personal and professional development experiences. She possesses an incredible passion for people. Before partnering with Joe Campolo to create Moving Forward Strategies, Donna founded and led her own personal and professional development company, Moving Forward Seminars. Prior to starting her company, Donna enjoyed a highly successful career as a permanently certified high school Biology teacher and soccer coach. She has received numerous accolades from the press and was recently nominated for Long Island Business News 2021 Who’s Who: Women in Professional Services. Donna was a consultant on practical-based education methods for teachers throughout New York State. Donna was sought after to creatively develop curriculum and lead teams of educators in bringing educational theories into practice. Her passion for education has led to a focus not only on programming for professionals but also high school and college.
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