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Senior Auditor

The Senior Auditor will function as the in-charge Auditor for most engagements that he/she serves on, and will be ultimately responsible for all services performed for in-charge engagements. The Senior Auditor will be expected to be capable of performing essentially all audit and related procedures, including (but not limited to):

  • Serving as the in-charge Auditor for any type of engagement, with an emphasis on non-profit entities;
  • Serve as an Auditor for high-risk, time-consuming engagements beneath a Supervisor or higher;
  • Serving as the primary client liaison for all in-charge engagements;
  • Scheduling in-charge engagements in a punctual and orderly fashion;
  • Managing lower-level staff members on essentially all engagements, including (but not limited to):
    • overseeing and reviewing their work;
    • providing feedback as to their performance and areas for improvement;
    • educating them on accounting and accounting concepts that they are not familiar with;
    • and properly delegating appropriate levels of work based on their abilities and workloads.
  • Developing testing strategies during the planning phase of in-charge engagements and completing planning documentation according to firm standards, GAAS, and best practices;
  • Ensuring effective planning meetings take place before the start of each engagement;
  • Completing internal controls documentation, risk assessment, testing and random sample generation for internal and external audit engagements;
  • Performing substantive external audit procedures in moderate and high-risk audit areas, generally accounts receivable, revenue, debt, net assets, and other areas;
  • Conducting end of audit exit conferences with management for all in-charge engagements prior to leaving the field;
  • Handling the reporting phases of engagements, including completing reporting documentation according to firm standards, GAAS, and best practices;
  • Preparing financial statements and other financial reports for essentially all engagements on which he/she serves;
  • Preparing management letters for essentially all engagements on which he/she serves;
  • Promptly replying to, and satisfactorily clearing, review notes on work performed, including those for financial statements, management letters, and other financial reports, as applicable;
  • Communicating with clients with regards to financial statements, management letters, SAS 114 letters, Board reports/presentations, and other financial reports for essentially all engagements on which he/she serves in an effort to have final reports issues within firm-standard timeframes; and
  • Reviewing nonprofit information returns (IRS Form 990 and New York State CHAR500).

As this position requires relevant experience, it is expected that the Senior Auditor will focus his/her efforts on gaining on-the-job experience, attending educational seminars (both internally and externally), asking relevant questions of supervisory staff (supervisors, manager, and partners) and displaying an overall desire to learn and grow professionally. Progression throughout the Senior Auditor’s tenure should be evident in terms of work product clarity, efficiency, staff and time management, and understanding.

Whether you’re looking for a new career opportunity or transitioning, C&A offers you a variety of ways to develop your career.
Ideal candidates for accounting and consulting jobs will be able to demonstrate the ability to think creatively, train staff members, manage a fast-paced workload, and provide excellent client service.

Why C&A:

  • Experienced: Located in Bohemia, NY, C&A operates with a staff of nearly 50. Operating with a “Big 4” mentality, our Partners and many of our staff members have worked at one of the Big 4, with over 50% of our staff coming from large-tier firms.
  • Flexible: Our staff members enjoy dress down-Fridays, casual summers, remote access, flex-scheduling, and more.
  • Different: Whether you’re working remotely or learning about our unique approach to client work, we pride ourselves on our innovative and supportive firm culture.

Mentor Program:

The C&A Mentor Program is designed to align the goals of the firm with the goals of the individual, while developing and strengthening competencies, enhancing job performance, and fostering career progression with the intent of achieving these goals. The program helps both mentors and mentees through:

  • Gaining insight and exposure to other levels/areas of service within the company;
  • Obtaining and delivering helpful and meaningful advice on career progression, outside of the formal performance reviews, in an objective environment;
  • Receiving and delivering feedback on firm policies and structure; and
  • Identifying skills needed for advancement.


  • Competitive Salary
  • Discretionary Bonus Program
  • CPA Bonus
  • Client Referral Bonus
  • Employee Referral Bonus
  • Paid Personal Time Off
  • Career Development Program
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Supplemental Insurance
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance
  • Retirement Plan with Matching Contribution
  • Continuing Education Assistance