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01 Nov 2019

New FAFSA tracker from NYSED

New York State FAFSA Tracker is a new resource that tracks the number of completed FAFSA applications by high school students. The tracker allows the user to compare high school FAFSA completion rates across the state. Users are also able to view year-to-date rankings of schools across the state and trends in completion year-over-year, weekly, and monthly. This data will allow schools to better support students in transitioning into higher education.

New legislation allows schools to install stop-arm cameras

Beginning in early September, school districts have the ability to use cameras on bus stop-arms to catch drivers who pass school buses while the “stop arms” are extended. The law is not mandatory, but each school district has the option to enter the “stop-arm-bus-camera program.” First time offenders, who are convicted, will be fined $250.

Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act

Over the summer, the New York State Senate passed the Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act (CLCPA). The CLCPA focuses on minimizing the carbon footprint of New York State and promoting green energy transition. The bill requires that statewide greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 85% by 2050, and requires utility companies to transition 70% of electric generation to renewable energy by 2030.

Lenny Giambalvo
Claims Auditor

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