Long Island Imagine Awards Judge Application

2020 Call for Imagine Judges

Why you should consider becoming a judge…

The Imagine Awards is Long Island’s most prestigious nonprofit event, with over 400 attendees each year. Judges are:

  • exposed to Long Island’s best nonprofit organizations;
  • able to network with top nonprofit and business professionals throughout the Awards program; and
  • able to contribute to Long Island’s nonprofit sector by selecting the 2020 finalists and ultimate winners.

If you are selected by the Imagine Awards committee, you will be asked to review approximately forty applications, rate them based upon specific criteria, and attend a meeting to select the twenty finalists and five winners. Winners must be kept confidential since they will be announced LIVE during the Imagine Awards program.

Judges evaluate entries to recognize innovation and impact based on each category’s criteria. Applicants do not compete against each other. Instead, applicants are judged against a high standard of excellence.

Judge Eligibility Requirements

To serve as a judge, you must:

1. Review entries on an impartial basis, according to the scoring requirements.

2. Recuse yourself from judging any entry with whom you have a personal or professional relationship.

3. Agree to keep the finalist selection process and winners strictly confidential until the results are revealed LIVE at the event.

Deadline to apply to be a Judge was September 27, 2019. Thank you for your consideration and good luck!