During July 2020, Charity Navigator launched the Encompass Rating System. The purpose of Encompass was to provide improved comparability of differently sized nonprofit organizations, and to provide a more comprehensive assessment of the overall effectiveness of nonprofit organizations. The effectiveness rating is developed using four indicators, known as beacons. These beacons are:

1) Finance and accountability

2) Impact and results (recently released by Charity Navigator)

3) Leadership and adaptability (not yet implemented by Charity Navigator)

4) Culture and Community (not yet implemented by Charity Navigator)

Encompass is in a beta trial and will remain so until all four beacons have been launched by Charity Navigator.

Nonprofits will be evaluated separately for each of the four beacons and receive a score of between 0 and 100, based on available data. For nonprofits that receive scores of 75 or above, Charity Navigator considers those organizations effective in the area assessed. These organizations will receive the “Give with Confidence” designation on their Charity Navigator pages.

Check out the Charity Navigator link for a video and more information.

Matthew Burke, CPA, CFE

Matthew Burke, CPA, CFE


Matt specializes in providing Cerini and Associates’ diverse array of midsized business clientele and nonprofit organizations with valuable consulting and assurance services. He prides himself on value-added, responsive, and innovative service to his clients; with a focus on forward-thinking and creative solutions. Matt joined the firm in 2002 and has years of experience with many types of complex accounting, auditing, compliance, and general business matters that impact entrepreneurial, established, and nonprofit businesses.