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New Law Effective May 15, 2017 Impacting Freelance Workers in New York City

12 May 2017

This law is referred to as “Freelance Isn’t Free Act” (FIFA) and allows for freelancers to request a written contract for all work performed in New York City. This new law protects independent contractors who have a contract which will exceed $800 in a 120-day period.

This new law applies to the private sector only and applies only to individual freelancers. It excludes the following:

  1. Sales representatives
  2. Attorneys
  3. Medical professionals

Contracts must include:

  • Name & mailing address
  • Services to be provided
  • Amount / rate and method of compensation
  • Payment due date (default is 30 days from day work is completed)

Potential penalties:

  • No contract provided: $250
  • Payment not in accordance with contract: $500
  • Retaliation: Value of the contract
  • Reimbursement to freelancer for attorney’s fees
  • Multiple violations can result in a fine of $25,000

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