Guest Article: New York State Executive Order 18 | Are You in Compliance?

On May 5, 2009 New York State Executive Order 18 was passed with the purpose of eliminating public tax dollars being spent on bottled water. It seeks to alternatively promote the usage of tap water. The order includes ceasing the purchase of single serve water bottles and the larger 5-gallon, water cooler bottles.

As per EO 18 “All executive agencies are required to develop and implement compliance plans and will report annually on their progress in accomplishing the Governor’s objectives under the order.”

In today’s environmentally conscious world, most citizens understand the need for a sustainable future. At the same time, public confidence in tap water remains speculative. So where do people go from here?

Bottleless, point-of-use water filtration has risen as the most effective and efficient solution. Multipure Drinking Water Systems maintain the highest level of NSF certification for contaminant reduction. The most cost efficient systems are certified to reduce at least 82 toxins, including Lead, Asbestos, VOCs, pesticides and pharmaceuticals, and cost just 6¢ per gallon. Exceptional quality and high capacity filters offer low maintenance, with one filter easily replacing 200 5-gallon bottles.

The switch from traditional water coolers to point of use filtration does require plumbing and therefore an immediate increase in budget. However, a recent five year cost analysis for a Long Island municipality revealed a consistent 90% savings over bottled water expenses by year five.

In achieving compliance with Executive Order 18, agencies and organizations will not only be free from managing the bottled water delivery and storage process, but will also experience improved quality control. Best practices for Bottleless Water Community launches and Water Wellness programs help build community and encourage a healthier environment as well.

To learn more or find out how you can launch a bottleless water program at your office, please contact me at 516.500.1144. You can also send an email to

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