Guest Article: Beyond FERPA: Data Destruction – Is Your District Compliant?

Guest Article: Beyond FERPA: Data Destruction – Is Your District Compliant?

K-12 data privacy laws are in place to mitigate the increasing risk of a data breach and to protect the personal data belonging to students, staff members, and administrators. Districts are required to have a data policy which outlines the processes, policies, and procedures they follow to maintain data compliance. Data destruction is the critical final step in that process.

Changing data privacy requirements have made compliance more important than ever. Pupfish Sustainability Solutions is an IT Asset Disposition firm in New York offering Data Destruction and eRecycling Services to K-12 Public and Private Schools. The firm also educates districts on lawful electronic data destruction practices to ensure compliance and secure sensitive data belonging to students, staff, and administration.

Equally as important, Pupfish is a sustainability company that guarantees computer equipment and other electronics are properly recycled, never illegally exported, or sent to a landfill. School districts can even integrate our Zero Landfill Policy and e-Recycling model into their social responsibility strategy – and encourage students to track the exact amount of e-waste their class, school, or district has kept out of the landfill collectively.

This article was also featured in our newsletter Lesson Plan Vol. 26

Lisa DeMarco

Chief Marketing Officer

Pupfish Sustainability Solutions

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