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Guest Article: Cybersecurity and ERISA: Who is responsible?

Cybersecurity risks are not new. We’ve been dealing with data breaches for years, and if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that hackers are smart. Hackers can infiltrate even the most complex security systems in the pursuit of personal information. It was only a matter of time until retirement plans, rich with personal information and money, fell victim to data breaches too. And like most companies navigating the aftermath of a data breach, retirement plan sponsors and service providers can easily find themselves in the midst of intense litigation.

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New Comparability Plan… Is it Right for You?

Pension plans should be an important part of every business’ benefits package. Not only do they let business owners/executives and employees to set aside funds for their retirement, but they provide the added ability for companies to assist in the process and make contributions on behalf of their staff, to help them better position themselves for retirement.

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Why Testing is Important for Pensions

As auditors, we are always busy performing different types of testing, especially controls and compliance-based test work. While there is a common stigma about auditors and audits in general, and they have a “gotcha” sort of mentality, there is a tremendous benefit that a company can derive from the work they perform. The truth is, our goal is to ensure that companies and organizations are complying with rules and regulations so that they can avoid costly errors, especially when it comes to defined contribution pension plans.

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