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Why NOW is the Time to Adopt a Cybersecurity Framework for your District

As each value stream and business process digitizes, the protection of assets and training of students and staff become highly important. The time is NOW to start adopting a cybersecurity framework program in your organization. Adopting the NIST CSF will guide you through the cybersecurity evolution and lead you on your way to a successful cybersecurity program.

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Long-Term Property Solutions Amid COVID Pandemic

We’ve spent the last 5 months answering questions for New York City tenants on how to: navigate rent payment solutions and lease restructuring for existing leases, leverage the COVID-19 NYC real estate market for new or renewed leases, and redesign existing spaces amid social distancing and flexible work strategies to optimize reopening.

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Guest Article: Cybersecurity and ERISA: Who is responsible?

Cybersecurity risks are not new. We’ve been dealing with data breaches for years, and if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that hackers are smart. Hackers can infiltrate even the most complex security systems in the pursuit of personal information. It was only a matter of time until retirement plans, rich with personal information and money, fell victim to data breaches too. And like most companies navigating the aftermath of a data breach, retirement plan sponsors and service providers can easily find themselves in the midst of intense litigation.

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Guest Article: Rapid Launch to Virtual Visits: Telemedicine During COVID-19 and Beyond

There will never be a time where face-to-face visits will be obsolete, but COVID-19 has changed our world and brought a heightened awareness and acceptance of telemedicine. If your practice or organization has not mobilized virtual visits, I recommend you get on board quickly. Now is the time to evaluate and reset your practice or organization and find ways to expand your services via telemedicine.

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Guest Article: Back to School

The Coronavirus has caused an extensive burden on schools in educating and providing related services to students remotely. Students who do not have access to technology, due to financial limitations, or the academic support needed from teachers or aides have been suffering. Teachers who have trained for in-person classroom settings are disoriented with the switch to remote, online learning.

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