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Guest Article: Rapid Launch to Virtual Visits: Telemedicine During COVID-19 and Beyond

There will never be a time where face-to-face visits will be obsolete, but COVID-19 has changed our world and brought a heightened awareness and acceptance of telemedicine. If your practice or organization has not mobilized virtual visits, I recommend you get on board quickly. Now is the time to evaluate and reset your practice or organization and find ways to expand your services via telemedicine.

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The Potential Benefits of Consumer Driven Health Plans

As healthcare costs continue to rise, your company may be seeking alternatives to minimize the financial strain. One effective cost management strategy is to expand your company’s health insurance offerings to include a consumer-driven health plan (CDHP) and to promote education and awareness about the benefits of enrollment in CDHPs to its employees.

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“Zero Based” Budgeting for Healthcare Organizations

For many organizations, the budgeting process typically relies on a baseline assumption of a dollar amount, often based on the prior years operating results, a standard increase, and then finally increases based on current year growth expectations. This process very often can be very much on “autopilot” without much critical analysis from department heads, the finance team and executive oversight.

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HHS Medicaid Relief

The CARES Act established a $100 billion Provider Relief Fund to help healthcare providers combat the COVID-19 outbreak. The fund was broken down into several categories, with $50 billion going to a General Distribution Provider Relief Fund and the remaining $50 billion to be used for targeted distributions, such as to rural health clinics and Medicaid & CHIP providers.

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The Paid Sick Leave Law

The Paid Sick Leave Law (PSLL) was approved by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo on April 3, 2020, adding to the initial PSLL that was signed on March 18, 2020. This was codified under section 196-b of the New York Labor Law, and it states that employees may begin accruing sick leave as of September 30, 2020, and using sick leave as of January 1, 2021. This law covers all employers in New York State and gives employees a minimum of 40 hours of paid or unpaid sick leave and a maximum of 56 paid hours, depending on the net income and size of their employer. This law does

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