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Leadership Excellence Award

This award recognizes an exemplary nonprofit leader (who may be an Executive Director, board member, staff member, volunteer, etc.) whose accomplishments have advanced his/her organization. The leader must work in and reside in NYC. This is not about traditional volunteering, directors, or funding, but focuses on innovation in driving organizational change and social impact.

Selection Criteria:

The following will be considered:

  1. How the nominee has contributed significantly to the long term capacity of his/her organization.
  2. How the nominee has collaborated with traditional and nontraditional partners to improve systems/create social impact.
  3. How the nominee has enhanced the organization’s ability to deliver services
  4. How the nominee has demonstrated or implemented innovative thinking

Need help filling out your application? Click here for a video Ken created to give you some tips on completing your application!

Warning: There is no save feature for the application. To prevent loss of data, please answer questions in a Word Doc and copy/ paste them into the answer boxes.

Deadline to apply is May 8, 2020.