Walking Dead cast

Planning Ahead or Walking Dead…Cerini’s 3rd Prime Time Publication

03 Oct 2014

A ratings juggernaut, AMC’s zombie apocalypse show The Walking Dead proved to be one of the most popular TV shows in recent memory, including a strong following within our office. After each new episode, there is an excitement in the air discussing who got bit, where the survivors are going, and what surprise turn is happening next.

When we last saw our heroes at the end of Season 4, they were being held prisoners inside an abandoned freight car shortly after arriving at the mysterious Terminus. Rick laments that “they screwed with the wrong people” hinting at his anger and regret for how they ended up after the fall of their prior home, the prison. At some point during his off-screen confinement, I am sure that Rick will have no choice, but to think about how exactly it was he and his “family” arrived in this exact situation.

So how exactly did Rick and his group end up in the prison car? What could they have done differently? Read the full article here.