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SED Releases Methodology Letter

15 Jul 2019

Last week NYSED released its methodology letters for preschools and school-age programs. The methodology letters were pretty much what was expected and what we reported in the last issue of the Special ED-ition.

On the preschool front, providers received a 2% increase for tuition-based programs, SEIT, and 1:1 aides. No increase was provided for evaluations. The hold-harmless provision (greater of the programs 2018/19 rate trended forward or 2019/20 prospective rate will be funded) and the actual revenue earned for typically functioning children in a SCIS classroom, which were both introduced in the 2018/19 methodology letter have both been extended to 2019/20.

On the school-age front, the trend factor for 2019/20 is 3.6%, slightly higher than the 3.4% provided for 2018/19. The school-age methodology letter extends the hold harmless provision, the 1% corridor, and the safety net for a decline in student FTE’s of more than 10%.

Globally, the Division of Budget did not approve the Rate Setting Unit’s request for an increase in the Teacher Retention and Turnover funding from $8 million to $12 million. As a result, the additional funding in rates should be comparable to last year’s funding, contingent upon your salary levels compared to BEDS data.

To read the full methodology letters, click here.