Street Sign with Big Changes Maybe Ahead

SED Update: Keeping you Posted

27 Mar 2019

There seems to be a lot happening at SED.

From a leadership perspective, Hal Matott is no longer head of the rate setting unit; Phyllis Morris has taken over the reins of the unit.

From a rate perspective, the new methodology is due out sometime in April from SED. The preliminary indication is that the methodology will include:

  • A rate increase equal to whatever rate increase is provided to school districts. Right now this is 3.6%, but this is anticipated to go higher. The NY House and Senate have proposed increases of between 4% and 5%.
  • In addition to the traditional tuition rates getting increases, SED is considering providing SEIT rate increases to the regional average rate at the same level as the tuition rate increases.
  • SED is anticipated to recommend a $4 million increase to the ETTP grants, bringing them up to a total of $12 million. This is consistent with the level proposed by the Board of Regents.
  • SED wants to explore revamping the reimbursement process to eliminate the reconciliation process. At this point, there is not much detail on how this would work, and it’s not anticipated that a change in methodology will be developed for the 2019/2020 rate year. Phyllis is focused on this because of the large number of waivers (over 100) and the amount of time that RSU staff is spending on getting through these waivers.

Corporate Practices is Back. It’s that time again … time to renew your corporate practices waiver. Practices should review their waivers to see when they expire and initiate the renewal process by accessing the website and e-mailing with your questions on how best to proceed.

On the audit front … The NY City OAG’s office has started doing audits of provider’s IDEA funding. We have had several clients undergo these audits over the last couple of months.