Social Entrepreneurism

Social Entrepreneurism

30 Apr 2014

The four finalists in the Social Enterprise Alliance of Long Island’s Social Entrepreneurism Award are: FEGS, Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc., Homecoming Farm, and Landmark on Main Street.  The Social Entrepreneurism Award focuses on organizations that incorporate business concepts into their operations, creating increased self-sustainability and reduced reliance on government and traditional fundraising.

FEGS FEGS Health and Human Services:  Created two for-profit subsidiaries, HR Dynamics and All Sector Technology, to convert cost centers into profit centers.  Today these two entities generate in excess of $25 million of revenue for FEGS, increased its ability to collaborate with other nonprofit organizations (which has resulted in 16 acquisitions for FEGS), and increased FEGS capacity to enhance social good.

FREE Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc. (FREE):  Through its program, Swept Free, Free has developed their own green cleaning solutions which they will not only bring to market but also use within their office building cleaning business, which will employee both vets and the developmentally disabled.

Homecoming Farm: Has developed a certified organic farm that grows food for donation to the Interfaith Nutrition Network.  Homecoming Farm uses no herbicides or pesticides, so it is safe for the environment.  Starting next year, the Farm will start selling its organic garlic.

logo Landmark on Main Street:  Has developed a multi-use facility that offers performances, functions as a community center, and also generates rental income through apartments within the building.

Social Entrepreneurism is slowly growing on Long Island, all of the finalists are well deserving of the $5,000 prize, but only 1 can win.  This year’s winner of the Social Enterprise social entrepreneurism award is … Join us on May 6th at the Crest Hollow Country Club to find out.