2020 NFP Update Part 4 – Legal Update David Goldstein, Certilman Balin


On June 30, 2020, Cerini & Associates, LLP, a leader in providing accounting and auditing services to nonprofits, held their annual Nonprofit Update conference … virtually.

This year’s program featured two tracks:

•The impact of COVID-19 and the CARES Act on the Sector; and

•Moving to a Virtual World


The Impact Of The Pandemic On Your Organization’s Corporate Governance:

-Legal & Regulatory Relief

-The Governor’s Executive Orders

-Attorney General’s Charities Bureau Guidance

-The Legislature’s Response

-Putting It All Together

-What’s A Nonprofit To Do?

-Traps For The Unwary


Download Legal Update PowerPoint Here

Additional Legal Materials: 

Table of Contents |  Executive Order 202.18  |  Executive Order 202.29 | Executive Order 202.39  | Bill No. S.8412 | Charities Bureau- Virtual Meetings of Members | Charities Bureau- Pandemic Challenges | Charities Bureau- Right From the Start | Healing Arts Branch of Fiduciary Summons  | In re Dowling | The Committee to Save Adelphi | Charities Burau- Internal Controls and Financial Accountability | Nonprofit Legal Currents 2017



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