More than most businesses, the real estate industry is prey to economic fluctuations. Periodic market corrections can wreak havoc on operations, cash flows and planning. In addition, brokers, property owners, and building management companies, for example, each have different needs and concerns. Cerini and Associates recognizes the unique needs of the participants in this industry and develops customized planning and analyses to maximize the success of each business entity.

For example, for the property owner, cash flows can be improved by breaking a building down into smaller components to accelerate depreciation – using a method called cost segregation. Leveraging the building through various financing options could save the property owner taxes and free up cash for building improvements or expansion. Trading one piece of property for a similar property, may allow the property owner to meet individual or company growth objectives, or gain increased operational flexibility.

What Sets Cerini & Associates Apart:

Leveraging Resources: Brokers must operate within the scope of the feast or famine cycles of the real estate market. How should your operations vary when inventory is high versus low? What types of considerations are there when starting your own company? Cerini and Associates can help you leverage your resources to create a new business while at the same time, minimizing risk and maximizing tax savings.

Understanding of Tax Structure: Additionally, Cerini can illustrate tax deductions that are available to brokers which will help to alleviate personal tax burdens.

Developing Programs: For building management companies, Cerini can help you develop programs which maximize building tenancy, keep proper improvement reserve funds, develop efficient processes to monitor cash flow and sales, create budgets, and ensure your insurance coverage is complete and correct.

Whatever your role in the real estate market, you can be confident that Cerini can assist you in managing the industry’s complex financial and operational needs. Contact us today with any questions or concerns you may have.


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