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More than most businesses, the real estate industry is prey to economic fluctuations. Periodic market corrections can wreak havoc on operations, cash flows and planning. In addition, brokers, property owners, and building management companies, for example, each have different needs and concerns. Cerini and Associates recognizes the unique needs of the participants in this industry and develops customized planning and analyses to maximize the success of each business entity.

For example, for the property owner, cash flows can be improved by breaking a building down into smaller components to accelerate depreciation – using a method called cost segregation. Leveraging the building through various financing options could save the property owner taxes and free up cash for building improvements or expansion. Trading one piece of property for a similar property, may allow the property owner to meet individual or company growth objectives, or gain increased operational flexibility.

What Sets Cerini & Associates Apart:

Leveraging Resources: Brokers must operate within the scope of the feast or famine cycles of the real estate market. How should your operations vary when inventory is high versus low? What types of considerations are there when starting your own company? Cerini and Associates can help you leverage your resources to create a new business while at the same time, minimizing risk and maximizing tax savings.

Understanding of Tax Structure: Additionally, Cerini can illustrate tax deductions that are available to brokers which will help to alleviate personal tax burdens.

Developing Programs: For building management companies, Cerini can help you develop programs which maximize building tenancy, keep proper improvement reserve funds, develop efficient processes to monitor cash flow and sales, create budgets, and ensure your insurance coverage is complete and correct.


Whatever your role in the real estate market, you can be confident that Cerini can assist you in managing the industry’s complex financial and operational needs. Contact us today with any questions or concerns you may have.


Ed Mcwilliams

Edward McWilliams, CPA

Kim Roffi

Kimberly Roffi, CPA

Ed Mcwilliams

Joseph M. Sciacca, CPA


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As a UK headquartered FinTech SME we find Cerini’s US tax advice and other ad hoc work invaluable. The team is very responsive, and we can rely on them to ensure work is completed within the necessary deadlines. We have been working with Cerini for more than 6 years now and they supported us through various stages of company growth. I would highly recommend their services, particularly for SMEs that don’t necessarily have all the in-house expertise.
Tanya Potiyenko, CPA, CA
As we have grown our technology company from a start-up idea into a thriving business, Cerini has been an indispensable partner for us, providing spot on accounting, impeccable advice and top-notch professionalism. I have peace of mind that my accounting needs are being addressed by the Cerini team.
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Drew Stern, Founder & Co-CEO

I am pleased to be represented by the team at Cerini & Associates, LLP. I have dealt with several members of their team but mostly spend my time with Ed McWilliams, CPA, one of the senior tax managers. Ed really runs “point” on our account and further I feel he is not only extremely knowledgeable, but diligent and responsive to our needs. From the most trivial letter we receive from the state about this-or-that to the larger picture of our overall cash-flow and planning, I know that Ed and the entire team understands our goals and has our back.

Without hesitation, I confidently recommend Cerini as an accountant and strategic partner. If the time comes for you to consider another accountant, I would strongly suggest that Cerini should be on your “short-list” of firms to interview. Continued success and wealth!

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Mark A. Gajowski II, CFP, Founder
Cerini & Associates have been our accountants since 2009. Their partners, tax department, and auditors, have all played a part in preparing and examining our financial records and tax returns. They have provided a high level of professionalism and accuracy to understanding the uniqueness of our company and showing appreciation for us as clients. I really enjoy working with Carissa Scanlon in the Tax department. She has always been responsive and directly involved in meeting the needs, success, and growth of our company. We have a relationship built on trust and she goes above and beyond to provide invaluable insight, guidance, and advice. Thank you for being our accountants and especially for being part of the “YES” family!
Jo-Anne Johnson, Senior Accountant
I have been with Cerini and Associates for over twenty five years. When we first met, my company was in the middle of a very difficult tax audit. Not only did they stand by me while I was getting back on my feet, but helped grow my company both organically and exponentially at the same time. While forming several separate components, Cerini and Associates also helped me prepare my company for successful sale to a nationally known company currently doing sales of $250M. A very good friend of mine was in the throes of a very difficult audit over a year ago and Cerini and Associates ran to help with a single phone call, never putting fees before client. Kim Roffi has been my financial advisor, handling all of my accounting needs, fielding all of my questions with the upmost professionalism. Her team is always in the loop and there is never a dropped ball. What better recommendation than the fact that both of my daughter’s who are extremely successful would not think of switching accounting firms. Cerini and Associates has been with them for the past fifteen years. I don’t know how Kim keeps track of them while they move all over the country, each state having their own tax rules and regulations. They’re the best!!
Business Person
Peter Schneir
We have had a relationship with Cerini & Associates for many years. They are very knowledgeable and we can trust them to advise us with all of our professional and personal accounting needs. The staff are very professional and always available to help when needed.
I have worked with Cerini and Associates for the past few years and would provide a strong recommendation to any business interested in seeking a true strategic partner. We utilize a variety of services from their firm, and I have always been impressed with their high degree of professionalism, the quality of their work, and their overall business understanding. Ken and his firm constantly put their clients first and will go the extra mile to get the job done.
We have been very pleased with all the help, advice and support received from Cerini & Associates. They are the perfect find for all of our accounting needs. I have a sense of security knowing there’s always quality advice on hand as my business grows.
Edward O’Hara, Owner and Sr. Partner
Oversight of accounting practices for educational institutions in New York is one of the most difficult fields an accountant can get into. We have been working with Cerini & Associates for many years and are sure that without their knowledge, suggestions, and critiques of our operations, we would not be able to manage our programs as effectively as we are today. We have a great working relationship with this firm and know that they are always there to ensure that we receive whatever information we need as expeditiously as possible, and most important, we know they will ensure that our company always remains in compliance with the most up-to-date accounting principles and regulations.
Brian Koffler, Data & Security & Compliance
Cerini and Associates has been a valuable addition to our firm, not only as our accounting firm, but also as a valued member of our strategy and advisory team. If you are looking for a firm that truly cares about its clients, I would highly recommend Cerini and Associates.
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Ronald W. Rogé, MS, CFP®, Chairman and CEO
Cerini & Associates, LLP has consistently done a professional job since we’ve started working with them. Their staff has been very competent and a pleasure to work with. I have tremendous confidence in the firm and its expertise with my business and accounting needs.