SED/EI Update

18 Mar 2020
4410/853 Schools: SED is requesting notification that your school is closed – Providers should send an e-mail to their RA. You can

The 2019/20 RCM

06 Jan 2020
If you’ve ever sat down to play a game you’ve never played before, you know you always start by reading the rules.

New Proposed Rate Methodology

06 Jan 2020
In an effort to eliminate the rate reconciling process and dramatically decrease the number of waiver requests, The Rate Setting Unit (RSU)

ABLE Accounts

09 Sep 2019
When you have a child, you make many plans. One of the most important plans is for their future finances. This applies

SED Releases Methodology Letter

15 Jul 2019
Last week NYSED released its methodology letters for preschools and school-age programs. The methodology letters were pretty much what was expected and
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