External Audit

At Cerini & Associates, LLP,  we understand that an external audit is unique at every organization. Audits are specifically aligned with the client’s needs, going beyond the numbers to systems and operational evaluations, potential identification of lost profit opportunity, controls vulnerability, and the discovery of other financial solutions to maximize our client’s success and help them to grow.

Our approach is a businessperson’s approach designed to focus on matters that are important to your organization—areas of risk and control. Using an audit approach that concentrates on risk and materiality guided by the direction and leadership of professionals who have experience in providing service to your industry means you will receive quality comments on matters of interest to your company and you.

Audit Services:

  • Preparing specialized financial statements and reports to comply with requirements in regulated areas, such as nonprofit, OPWDD, SED, and government.
  • Preparation of financial statements and footnotes
  • Comprehensive management letters including observations, findings and recommendations.
  • Industry specific processes
  • Marketing and business processes

Review and Compilation Services:

  • Assessing systems of internal control and developing recommendations to strengthen systems.
  • Performing inquiry and analytical procedures to determine any changes that may be required.
  • Coordinating all accounting efforts with management, the Board, and internal accounting staff.

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Recent News

Delays of Pandemic Relief for Businesses Continue

Delays of Pandemic Relief for Businesses Continue

Due to delays at the Internal Revenue Service, businesses and organizations are still waiting for the pandemic relief that was promised during the COVID-19 outbreak. Many of them need this money to keep their doors open and employees paid. According to a report issued late last month (link here), the IRS is behind in processing claims for Sick and Family leave Credits and Employee Retention Tax Credit (“ERTC”) for as much as 12 months, while other claims for such things as Social Security Tax Deferral have been delayed for some 16 months.

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