In the complex and often changing world of healthcare, many professionals have been turning to Cerini & Associates to help plan, manage and grow their businesses and practices. Our specialized knowledge of the industry and our understanding of the business issues faced in today’s regulated environment make us an important part of the strategic planning and management process, as well as a valuable business partner helping healthcare companies succeed and grow.

What Sets Cerini & Associates Apart:

Our Background:  At Cerini & Associates, our experience with key issues that affect healthcare professionals goes far beyond tax laws and accounting procedures. We are specialists in reimbursement methodologies and Medicare/Medicaid issues, as well as experts in the areas of cost accounting and profit analyses for healthcare companies and physician practices. In addition, we truly understand the impact of managed care on the healthcare industry, and work to help our clients set up systems that operate effectively within today’s guidelines to help maximize their profits. Our professionals are all active in the healthcare community and are committed to providing the responsive service and insightful counsel that is so valuable within this industry.

Leadership in serving the healthcare sector:  Evident in our publications, seminars, surveys, and surveys. We KNOW the industry in which you operate, and will be able to help you think more strategically to create more effective operations and greater bottom line profitability.

Experienced and knowledgeable staff:  Supported by C&A’s dedication to developing niche practices to better service our clients in key industries, like yours.

Working partner team:  A hands-on engagement partner that spends time with you to look at not just where you’ve been, but helping you to develop a clear roadmap towards positive future results.

We pride ourselves on being forward thinkers in the industry. And since the healthcare arena continues to go through dramatic changes, we ensure that we constantly provide the proactive business solutions to meet any and all changes in industry regulations. Contact us today for more information about our services and how we can be of assistance to your practice.


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