Fundraising: A Different Approach

10 Sep 2019
For too long, the nonprofit sector has taken a “one size fits all” approach to fundraising; with dinner dances and golf outings

Too Many Nonprofits, Too little M&A

10 Sep 2019
Nonprofit organizations are facing an increasing number of demands and it’s finding many of them stretched so thin that creativity and strategy

Social Impact for Nonprofits

10 Sep 2019
Social impact is defined as the significant positive effect that your organization’s activities have that addresses a social issue or cause, and,

Removing Troublesome Board Members

10 Sep 2019
Boards of directors function in interesting ways. Whenever a group of people closely interact, collaborate, form joint decisions, vote, and are held

Digital Fundraising

21 Aug 2019
Do you want to reach individuals and convert them to donors? Better step up your digital fundraising. Donors want to see more

By The Numbers

21 Aug 2019
This graph shows some interesting nonprofit statistics for 2019. This graph was also featured in our newsletter NFP Advisor Vol. 20

Managing a Disruptive Board Member

08 Aug 2019
For a nonprofit organization, a board member can either be a valuable resource or a tremendous distraction. Effective board members can add
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