New York State Budget Update

02 Apr 2019
The New York State 2020 Budget has been announced, and its provisions have far-reaching ramifications on the general public and nonprofit organizations.

Analyzing Data More Effectively

29 Mar 2019
Measuring an organization’s performance goes far beyond the debits and credits and the two-dimensional numbers reflected on a financial statement. Especially for

Underwater Endowments

29 Mar 2019
FASB’s Accounting Standards Update 2016-14 will be effective for calendar year-end entities in 2018 and fiscal year-end entities in 2019. Non-profit organizations

Managed Care is Coming

22 Mar 2019
Managed care is coming. What it will exactly look like, or how it will impact the nonprofit sector isn’t clear yet. Managed

Government Audits

25 Jan 2019
As we start 2019 with high hopes and ambitions for a successful year, nonprofits know all too well the difficulties in providing

Nonprofit Financial Reporting

20 Dec 2018
Nonprofit Board members are responsible for the governance of the agencies they serve. In order to accomplish this, they need appropriate information
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