The Special Education environment is a dynamic and challenging one to operate in. In order for a school to continually increase its program and revenues, extensive and detailed financial planning and analysis is required. At Cerini and Associates we understand this and have the experience, expertise, and personnel to provide the quality service and support that our clients need. Our knowledge of key issues that affect special education schools goes far beyond tax laws and accounting procedures. We are specialists in reimbursement methodologies and cost report preparation. We provide insight and offer a different perspective on some of the issues that a special education school faces.

What Sets Cerini & Associates Apart:

Leadership in serving the special education sector evident in our publications, seminars, surveys, and memberships. We KNOW the special education sector, and will be able to identify any potential improvements for your organization based on new regulations and best practices that we see every day.

Experienced and knowledgeable staff supported by C&A’s dedication to developing niche practices to better service our clients in key industries, such as special education. Our staff assigned to work on your account do one thing…work with educational organizations. This ensures they understand your business and your operations.

Commitment to quality service and value C&A’s professionals receive firm mandated training in excess of CPA education requirements. In addition, members of our management team have experience in delivering training to other professionals on a variety of topics. We pride ourselves on our experience and our commitment to bring this experience to our clients supported by our many long-standing relationships.

Working partner team — a hands-on engagement partner that reviews ALL working papers involved with your organizations, and can provide insight into unique situations impacting the organization.

Dedication to making a difference plain and simple, we get it. You are not looking for a historian in the accountant you select, you want a firm that is going to be proactive with ideas; responsive to your needs; and be a year round resource to you and your company. As you are committed to your mission and the children you serve, we are equally committed to our clients and their success. Many firms only focus on where a client has been. We don’t stop there, we also focus on where they’re going and we assist them in every step of the way. We help our clients plan for and manage growth so that they can meet their financial goals and objectives. Contact us today for more information about our services and how we can be of assistance to your organization.


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