Professional Services

A large segment of our client base is comprised of various service-related companies. We have experience working with contractors, financial advisors, bankers, attorneys, telecommunications consultants, amongst many other professional services. Too often accountants serve as year-end advisors, offering a tax return, a financial statement, and little more by way of analysis or advice. While we certainly perform regular tax work for our service clients, we don’t stop there. We offer proactive consultation on how to grow a business, and how to effectively manage such growth.

What Sets Cerini & Associates Apart:

One of the areas that we have been able to generate significant returns for our clients is the area of billing. Many service firms employ primitive billing systems for their work, and even more primitive means for collecting on those invoices. We assist our clients in constructing a tailored billing solution that ensures that services are being properly tracked, accumulated, and billed on a timely basis. We then assist our clients in developing and/or enhancing their current collections process by installing a concrete collection policy and by utilizing third-party collections agencies to attack problematic accounts.

On the input side, businesses need to ensure that they are properly billing for their services. We help our clients develop sophisticated time-tracking systems that code and assign a rate to every second of work performed during employees’ days. This provides a simple and effective approach when it comes time to send out your monthly bills. We have found that the implementation of such systems provides additional benefits to businesses. They provide a means to gauge employee performance by viewing the amount of billable time that you actually can collect on for them, and for identifying those that are spending their time on non-business-related subjects. We have saved our clients thousands of dollars by giving them a unique understanding of their billing systems.

This is just one example of how Cerini & Associates goes the extra mile for its clients. The service industry is vast and multifaceted. We want to understand your business, because once we do, our decades of experience in serving business owners can benefit you.

If you would like more information on how we have helped our service clients, or how we may do the same for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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