Cerini & Associates’ Nonprofit Guide to Effective Board Membership

Being on the Board for a nonprofit organization has a tremendous level of responsibility that goes beyond just showing up for meetings and passing resolutions. It requires an understanding of what being a Board member entails: your duties, the organization’s expectations, your legal exposure, the role you’ll be expected to play, the time and money commitment, etc. It also requires some due diligence and soul searching on your part. Use “The Nonprofit Guide to Effective Board Membership” as a best practice resource for yourself and other nonprofit leaders in your organization.

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Board Policy & Procedure Sample Templates

Cerini & Associates’ Business Insights Guide – Technology Industry

Having the vision and idea for world-changing technology is only the first step on the path towards financial success. Executing on that vision to create a thriving venture takes business acumen, proper financing, high levels of dedication, and a keen understanding of the challenges you will face along the way. Finding relevant and helpful information to help you navigate these challenges, secure adequate funding, and achieve your goals can be difficult. We have created “Business Insights – Technology Industry,” a comprehensive guide to help steer your technology company in the right direction.

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Cerini & Associates’ NFP Update 2019

2019 Nonprofit UpdateClick here or the image above for the full recording!

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CFR Training 2017

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