With decades of experience in the nonprofit industry, Cerini & Associates brings much more than solid expertise and accounting skills to our numerous not for profit clients. We bring a unique understanding of some of the key issues facing not-for-profit organizations, including the specific pressures, challenges, and opportunities within the industry today. We specialize in serving not-for-profit organizations that work in the following fields:

What Sets Cerini & Associates Apart:

Leadership in serving the nonprofit sector  evident in our publications, seminars, surveys, and memberships. We KNOW the not for profit sector, and will be able to identify any potential improvements for each organization based on new regulations and best practices that we see every day.

Working partner team a hands-on engagement partner that reviews ALL working papers involved with your organizations, and can provide insight into unique situations impacting the organization.

Innovative thinking we don’t approach issues and situations the way most accountants do. We understand the business of being a nonprofit while focusing on innovation as an entrepreneur. As you are committed to your mission, we are equally as committed to our clients, and their success.

Experienced and knowledgeable staff supported by C&A’s dedication to developing niche practices to better service our clients in key industries, mainly nonprofit. Our staff assigned to work on your account do one thing…work with nonprofit organizations. This ensures they understand your business and your operations.

Commitment to quality service and value C&A’s professionals receive firm mandated training in excess of CPA education requirements. In addition, members of our management team have experience in delivering training to other professionals on a variety of topics. We pride ourselves on our experience and our commitment to bring this experience to our clients supported by our many long-standing relationships.

Full spectrum of services Including tax, consulting and valuation services, our experience is not limited to audits. Our service lines are supported by our staff to ensure client satisfaction with whatever their needs be.

Simply stated — we bring our strategic business approach to the not for profit industry, resulting in unprecedented growth and success for many of our NFP clients.

Contact us today for more information about our nonprofit services and how we can be of assistance to your organization.

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