With decades of experience in the nonprofit industry, Cerini & Associates brings much more than solid expertise and accounting skills to our numerous not for profit clients. We bring a unique understanding of some of the key issues facing not-for-profit organizations, including the specific pressures, challenges, and opportunities within the industry today. We specialize in serving not-for-profit organizations that work in the following fields:

What Sets Cerini & Associates Apart:

Leadership in serving the nonprofit sector — evident in our publications, seminars, surveys, and memberships. We KNOW the not for profit sector, and will be able to identify any potential improvements for each organization based on new regulations and best practices that we see every day.

Working partner team — a hands-on engagement partner that reviews ALL working papers involved with your organizations, and can provide insight into unique situations impacting the organization.

Innovative thinking — we don’t approach issues and situations the way most accountants do. We understand the business of being a nonprofit while focusing on innovation as an entrepreneur. As you are committed to your mission, we are equally as committed to our clients, and their success.

Experienced and knowledgeable staff — supported by C&A’s dedication to developing niche practices to better service our clients in key industries, mainly nonprofit. Our staff assigned to work on your account do one thing…work with nonprofit organizations. This ensures they understand your business and your operations.

Commitment to quality service and value — C&A’s professionals receive firm mandated training in excess of CPA education requirements. In addition, members of our management team have experience in delivering training to other professionals on a variety of topics. We pride ourselves on our experience and our commitment to bring this experience to our clients supported by our many long-standing relationships.

Full spectrum of services — Including tax, consulting and valuation services, our experience is not limited to audits. Our service lines are supported by our staff to ensure client satisfaction with whatever their needs be.

Simply stated — we bring our strategic business approach to the not for profit industry, resulting in unprecedented growth and success for many of our NFP clients.

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Kenneth Cerini, CPA, CFP, FABFA
Managing Partner

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Matthew Burke, CPA


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Cerini & Associates are more than just an auditing firm for our organization. They have been exceptional with information and suggestions. All of the partners and staff are very knowledgeable in their fields and have even gone the extra mile in learning our state specific reporting requirements. Our staff feel at ease when working with this team. I am thoroughly impressed with their laid back yet professionalism approach, communication forum and response timeliness. It has been refreshing working with this organization as they have expressed a mutual interest in our work and accounting practices.
Leading Edge has been partnering with Cerini and Associates to conduct its annual independent audit since 2018. We see this relationship as a true partnership -- not only does Cerini conduct the audit itself, but they help build our capacity to ensure we are operating as a best-in-class nonprofit. The whole team is smart, efficient and a pleasure to work with -- we highly recommend them!
Mordy Walfish, COO

We are a relatively new client of Cerini’s, but, though we are not a particularly large entity, the level of interest and professionalism they have shown to our organization has been so high right from the start that it feels as if we have been a client of theirs for many years. This is but one factor among many that has already convinced us that Cerini is the right firm for us as we continue to grow. Their expertise in dealing with non-profit organizations has proven extremely helpful to us, and they have demonstrated strong analytical skills in addressing typical, as well as complex, transactions. They are unusually responsive to all of our needs and we look forward to many years of working with them.

Craig Hartman, President
Shalom Ministries Inc.
After 20 plus years in the Defense Industry, I switched gears and joined a not-for-profit Home Healthcare company. I was expecting some growing pains as I changed industries, especially since it was year-end and just weeks away from the annual audit. It was a wonderful surprise when I met with the Cerini team and learned of their in-depth knowledge of our company. Their experience and expertise were great assets and allowed for a much smoother transition than I ever expected. Now, several years later, the firm continues to be a partner in our reporting success and a valuable resource as we navigate through the uncertain times.
Visiting Nurse Service & Hospice of Suffolk, Inc-01
Scott J. Williams, Chief Financial Officer
Visiting Nurse Service & Hospice of Suffolk, Inc
What a difference! Cerini and Associates are a great addition to our team! Supportive, diligent, and very knowledgeable, they are professionals that appreciate our Mission and go above and beyond “the numbers.” Ken and his team are always available to answer questions and help us analyze and monitor our progress. Thank you, partners!
Sophia Rossovsky, Executive Director
We began working with Cerini in 2016. Our relationship partner is Matthew Burke. Matthew and his associates provide exceptional service and guidance. The transition to the firm was fast and seamless. They quickly learned our business, were always available to answer questions, understood our unique requirements, helped us streamline our reporting, ensured all of our processes and reports complied with new GAAP requirements, and supported us in completing our annual review more efficiently than ever before, even during a COVID year. In addition, Matthew and his team work closely with our Controller and Executive Director each year to present our financial results to our Board in a clear and concise manner. We recommend Cerini without any hesitation.
Jessica E. Lorden, Executive Director
The team at Cerini & Associates, LLP have been a pleasure to work with from the start: dedicated, reliable, and professional. Their  expertise in working with not-for-profit organizations has especially proven to be an invaluable resource to the Queens Chamber. I highly recommend Ken and his team to any business in need of an outstanding accounting firm.
Thomas J. Grech, President & CEO
At Daybreak Independent Services, Inc, we understand the importance of having an accounting firm that possess the knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and integrity in delivering their services. We have found in Cerini and Associated LLP, these traits that are vital for good management and growth of any organization. Our association with Cerini and Associates LLP dates back several years. Time and time again, they have demonstrated their ability to guide our organization in reaching and exceeding our financial goals and commitments. During these difficult times of pandemic their expertise, knowledge, guidance, and support have been instrumental in helping us navigate through financial challenges never experienced before. I, as the President and CEO, of the Daybreak Independent Services, Inc., will highly recommend Cerini and Associates LLP to any medium or large organization looking to partner with professionals who understand the needs and challenges of current financial times and the complexity of regulatory requirements from local and state funding sources.
Vilas Loban, President/CEO & Paul Naranjo, Consultant CFO

Time dedicated to clients by Cerini & Associates employees is more meaningful than typical “work.”

We are grateful for our alliance with Cerini & Associates and the impact their dedication to increasing literacy has made on the community. Employees and clients should feel gratified that they are putting books in the hands of underprivileged children across New York, and that they are single-handedly helping to eradicate illiteracy.

With their support, The Book Fairies is on a mission to break the cycle of illiteracy stemming from poverty and a lack of access to reading material. It’s a simple yet incredibly impactful gesture that should be revered and modeled by others.

Amy Zaslansky, Founder
Cerini and Associates have served as our auditors, teachers, and guides for over 10 years. With the first audit, they helped us assess all of our systems, resulting in their upgrading and professionalization. As we as an organization grew and evolved, their guidance supported our changes. They help us find solutions to complex issues that arise. And they turn account-speak into common English so everyone can understand. We see them as real assets to our overall work.
Jewish Funders Network Logo
Judy Mann, Chief Operating Officer
It is with confidence that I recommend Cerini and Associates, LLP as auditors for non–profit organizations. As the Chief Financial Officer representing several companies, I’ve worked with a number of different audit teams throughout the years. They are always competent, well-organized, and thorough. Audit partner Matt Burke is very knowledgeable and professional, and available throughout the audit to answer questions or discuss any issues that arise. The firm is also a resource year-round – providing guidance for new accounting pronouncements, offering seminars & training sessions, and brainstorming options to handle unique transactions that occur.
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Susan Dickinson, CPA, Chief Financial Officer
The difficulties of running a not for profit are tough enough, especially in this post-recession climate. The problems can seem insurmountable. In the time we’ve engaged Cerini and Associates they’ve been able to help clear the cobwebs, shine the light on our concerns, and map a future for us as an institution, a not for profit, and as a top regional museum and education center.
Cradle of Aviation Museum
Dan Boehm, Director of Finance
Cerini has been trusted advisors and partners to our organization. They have offered helpful advice, unvarnished truth, and broad experience. As a non-profit religious institution, Cerini’s experience with similar institutions has been invaluable in our growth and evolution.
Rob Raich, Board Director
We have been very happy with our pension audits over several years already. We are especially grateful for Cerini’s responsiveness, attention to detail and very impressed with their professionalism and organizational skills. Their audits always run smoothly and efficiently. I would highly recommend their services.
Tatyana Kopyt, Director of Finance Department,
When our congregation needed to quickly transition to a new accounting firm, Cerini & Associates stepped in and impressed us with their expertise, efficiency, flexibility, professionalism, and friendliness. C & A partners and staff take an interest in our organization providing accounting and financial advice whenever called upon. We look forward to fostering a long and fruitful professional relationship with a firm that understands the unique financial environment that religious organizations, such as ours, function in.
Assaf Astrinsky, Finance & Operations Director
Cerini & Associates have been our auditors for several years but are more than just our auditors. There is real value added beyond the production of financial statements and tax returns. We know we have a trusted partner and resource, with a wide network of professional affiliations who knows our organization and the industry.
The team at Cerini are terrific to work with, and always available to provide sound, professional advice and guidance. God knows I have asked an inordinate number of questions! Thank you for everything.