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We find that many firms work in the education sector, but that doesn’t make them experts. We don’t just work in the sector, we immerse ourselves in it. We join industry groups, get involved in technical groups, communicate with SED funders and regulatory personnel, and stay abreast of the ever changing regulations and methodologies. All of this provides us with the resources necessary to make a real difference to you and your school that goes way above the debits and credits that most accountants focus on. Our education specialists can help you:

Early Intervention: We can assist in preparing cost reports (if you are lucky enough to have been selected to prepare), operational effectiveness reviews, control design and implementation, forecasting and budgeting, Medicaid compliance, and financing assistance.

Special Education Services: We can help prepare your Consolidated Fiscal Report (“CFR”), do rate reviews, prepare “mock CFR’s”, assist you with regulatory audits, help you to design appropriate systems and controls (including Medicaid compliance), assist in the budget process, assist with grant applications, perform compensation studies, assist you in responding to SED desk audit questions, and help with potential rate appeals or re-basing of rates.

Private Schools: We can assist in financing, strategic planning and budgeting, business efficiency and maximization reviews, merger and acquisition assistance, and more.

Charter Schools: Charter renewals, bond offerings, board training, systems reviews, forecasting and budgeting, cash flow management, and business efficiency and maximization.

Let us focus on helping you with your fiscal issues, so you can focus on more important things … the education of our future.

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