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Business Analysts Vs. Business Consultants, What You Need To Know

11 Jun 2014

Both a business analyst and a business consultant focus on identifying inefficiencies and finding solutions and therefore appear similar in their appearance. However, there are fundamental differences between a business analyst and a business consultant. Those differences center upon expertise and methodology. Knowing the difference and understanding your specific need will help you choose the right resource.

For the most part, a business consultant is a generalist, in that, they have knowledge and skills in several areas, finance, accounting, management, strategic thinking, etc., and utilize their knowledge and skill set to formulate a course of action that will help the company overcome their problems and plan effectively for the future. They will spend time learning and absorbing relevant information about the company as a whole and try to understand the drivers for success and determine where the obstacles to achieving success may lie. The endgame for a business consultant is to draft a plan for success and provide a road map that the company can implement to achieve the desired results.

A business analyst is a specialist who often times will overlap in business segments similar to a business consultant. For example, a business analyst may be brought in to handle a specific problem in finance, information technology, or accounting, and will utilize their specialized skills and experience to handle a specific problem or inefficiency. As such, the business analyst is expected to have a wide depth and breadth of specific knowledge in the focused area. Business analyst may spend more time in a specific area of a company depending upon the situation. For a business analyst, success is achieved when the specific problem is overcome and changes are implemented that help the company avoid a similar problem in the future.

While a business analyst and a business consultant are agents of change for your company, to achieve the best result it is critical that you engage the right resource. At Cerini & Associates our highly skilled and expertly trained advisors are ready to assist your company in either capacity to achieve maximum results.