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Guest Spotlight: 7Bus Wine Tours for Fundraising

29 Oct 2014

Pindar Vineyards Over the past 30 years Pindar Vineyards has become Long Island’s best-known wine producer, encompassing more than 500 scenic acres, growing 17 varieties of grapes, and crafting them into some 23 varietals and proprietary blends. With a production of 70,000 cases of wine a year, Pindar Vineyards is the largest vineyard on Long Island. Duckwalk Vineyards Recognized for excellence in national competitions, is Duck Walk’s Vidal Ice Wine made with grapes actually frozen on the vine, and Blueberry Port crafted from wild Maine blueberries. 30 beautiful acres of Sauvignon Blanc grape vines. Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard Known for their excellent full-bodied reds, this is a perfect farm house setting with a bright red barn, stables and tastings on their outdoor deck in any weather, This last stop is a two and a half hour stay where you’ll enjoy live music and tastings. Food is available for purchase. There is also an option to walk next door to LIV Long Island Vodka where you can take advantage of specal offers for tour members. $85. per person 35 minimum