Cerini & Associates football helmet

Kick-Off the Season right, keeping your “Goal” in sight.

04 Sep 2014

Football is back in season! As coaches and players prepare to perform at their best, now is also the perfect time to prepare your business for the same. Football tactics can be compared to areas such as sales analytics, strategic plan effectiveness, and several other areas of measuring performance. Managers are the coaches, and Employees are the players, therefore, it is important to maintain open communication and have proper plans in place to avoid fumbled opportunities or intercepted results.

There are several key concepts to keep in mind:

“Vision” – Vision is what helps a business aim towards its goals. The leaders of a business must have a vision for how to achieve goals and operate at optimal levels. A leader with vision can behave as the role model for the rest of the organization, showcasing the best behaviors and keys to success. Employees who share management’s vision, much like the players who share their coach’s vision, are better aimed towards achieving the team’s goal.

“Preparation” – Proper planning and prep work can help to ensure that employees and managers will have the resources and know-how necessary to react to any situation. As it is sometimes necessary for the quarterback to make changes mid-play, a business must be open to adjustments and sudden “audibles.”

“Motivation” – Through communication, managers should try to encourage all personnel of the organization to strive to achieve the company’s goals. Much like rallying the players before the game, management should give words of encouragement to all employees, motivating them towards working at their best.

“Teamwork” – Everyone in the organization should be made to feel as though they are part of a team. An organization only functions well if all parts are moving towards the same goal. Here, that goal is to gain the competitive advantage and “win”. Give all employees tasks which let them know that they are valuable members of the team and that their work is important and necessary for the company to achieve its goals.

A healthy business is just like a well-constructed football team. Each person has his/her part to play, with the ultimate goal of each person giving that little extra to sack the competition, score a new business deal, or kick-in to push the company forward. If everything comes together, it will be a victory for the company.