Guest Article: How Fleet Tracking Software Reduce Costs and Drive Productivity

Guest Article: How Fleet Tracking Software Reduce Costs and Drive Productivity

If your company relies on a mobile workforce of drivers and a fleet of vehicles, it is crucial to instantly have the most detailed reporting available to keep your organization operating at peak efficiency, maximizing your competitive edge. With the power of GPS tracking and fleet management software, you can take control of your fleet’s safety performance, reduce risk, and enhance your overall efficiency. In addition to minimizing accidents and fines, you can reduce your insurance premiums, enjoying substantial insurance incentives.

Here are five best practices of how you can reduce operating expenses and accomplish your goals with GPS fleet tracking software.

1. Minimize Fuel Consumption

Traveling over the speed limit by just five mph can increase fuel consumption by nearly 10%. Did you know that fleet management software can provide real-time reports that monitor the speed, acceleration, and braking of each vehicle? You can also receive alerts about excessive fuel purchases and unauthorized uses of fleet credit cards.

2. Extend the Life of your Fleet Vehicles with Routine Maintenance

Timely maintenance of your fleet can pay huge dividends by avoiding costly vehicle breakdowns and repairs while also extending the life of vehicles for the long term. Fleet Maintenance modules built into fleet management software makes it easy to monitor oil changes, inspections, registrations, and other routine maintenance. Automatic alerts are sent to you via email or text message, letting you know when a vehicle is due for maintenance.

3. Hold your Workforce Accountable

Receive real-time reports showing exactly when a driver’s day starts and ends. Also, determine driver productivity by knowing where each vehicle begins its day, how many hours the vehicle was utilized, how many hours it was in motion or idling, and the location it was parked at the end of the day. This delivers the versatility of a mobile time clock, a mobile employee accountability tool, and an optional mobile inspection terminal.

4. Keeping your Fleet Safe

Speeding, vehicle wear and tear, and accidents are all factors that drive risks and unexpected costs for your fleet operations and overall business. With GPS technology, fleet management software instantly alerts you when your vehicles exceed posted speed limits, creating significant savings on fuel costs. This will enable you to reduce risks and improve driver behavior before it becomes costly. Reduce vehicle repairs, fuel consumption, and your business’ accident rate, by enforcing safe driving habits. Many insurance providers will offer premium reductions to fleet operators adopting this technology as well.

5. Optimize Driver Productivity with Each Route

A fleet routing module can dramatically improve efficiency and productivity throughout your entire operation. View all open jobs on a map and build routes visually on a map, then optimize each route to shorten travel times and lower fuel consumption. Also, partner the routing module with a Garmin solution for automatic transmission of route information to the Garmin device in a vehicle – enabling wireless dispatching of real-time route status and feedback as well as providing an optional turn by turn direction module that can further increase driver productivity.

The fact is, with a GPS tracking device, you can keep up with proper maintenance, keep vehicles safe on the road, and hold your workforce accountable. Utilizing a GPS tracking device within your fleet can deliver numerous benefits that help increase revenue and enhance your bottom-line.

Founded in 2002, Vehicle Tracking Solutions is a pioneer and leader in fleet management GPS tracking technology. The company’s Silent Passenger® fleet management software platform provides an unrivaled user experience to thousands of customers across the country. We arm them with critical business intelligence unique to their operational processes which foster efficiency and profitability across their entire organization.

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This article was also featured in the Bottom Line Vol. 16

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