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Reimbursable Cost Manual (“RCM”) Update

07 Aug 2017

Last week, with little to no fanfare, the New York State Education Department (“SED”) issued the new Reimbursable Cost Manual (“RCM”) for fiscal 2018. The new RCM, as promised by SED, did not include any significant changes from the 2017 RCM. The only changes to the 2018 RCM were as follows:

  • The 2018 RCM clarifies that retention bonuses may be awarded to individual employees and do not need to be issued across the board. The only caveat is that uniform criteria for determining eligibility for receiving a retention bonus are contained within the employer-employee agreement
  • Bankruptcy costs provided by lawyers, accountants, and other consultants are specifically listed as non-allowable costs
  • In allocating property related costs to SEIT, the RCM does not allow instructional space to be allocated to the SEIT program. Administrative costs can be charged to the SEIT program.