2020 NFP Update Part 5 – IT Concerns of Going Virtual


Connected Technology LLC. Kevin Urso and Cerini & Associates Shari Diamond


On June 30, 2020, Cerini & Associates, LLP, a leader in providing accounting and auditing services to nonprofits, held their annual Nonprofit Update conference … virtually.

This year’s program featured two tracks:

•The impact of COVID-19 and the CARES Act on the Sector; and

•Moving to a Virtual World

Cybersecurity and Internal Controls Considerations covering:

-Securing your workspace

-Ensuring your wireless network is secure

-Taking precautions when working in public

-Assessing hidden dangers with email, social media

-Training employees

-Ensuring computer access use policies are robust and include working remotely

-Assessing your remote security protocols

-Being prepared by having good backups and recovery plans

Download IT Concerns Going Virtual PowerPoint Here

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