SED Update – New Tele-Therapy Regs and Governor Extends School Closure

SED Update – New Tele-Therapy Regs and Governor Extends School Closure

27 Mar 2020

Executive Order Extends School Closure:

Today, Governor Cuomo modified his Executive Order to expand school closures through April 15th. The 180 waiver will now extend from March 18th through April 15th.

NYSED Issues Teleservices Guidelines:

NYSED has issued Guidelines to special education providers regarding the delivery of Teleservices including Teletherapy services.

The regulations include provisions that related service providers:

  • Participate in teletherapy webinars
  • Review mandates and assess if teletherapy is appropriate and document the plan
  • Take inventory of family capabilities using SED provided script. Conversation to be recorded in EasyTrac
  • Collaborate with other providers and family to develop a teletherapy schedule
  • Ensure all sessions are properly documented in EasyTrac
  • Conduct a weekly check-in session with the family and/or student in cases where families do not have the ability or capacity for teletherapy

The regulations also provide requirements for documenting the initial contact with parents, which requires documenting:

  • Parental consent (documented in Parent Contact log in EasyTrac)
  • Access to Technology
    • Where clinically appropriate and equipment exists, must be delivered using video-enabled device
    • If family declines or is unable to participate in teletherapy, and therapist confirms that the service may be provided appropriately, services may be delivered by phone
    • If not appropriate weekly consultation must be provided
  • Schedule for Teletherapy

The regulations outline appropriate software to be used, and make it clear that all services should be provided during the school’s regularly established hours of operations. In addition, materials need to be shared in advance and a caregiver or on-site support person must be available to assist the student.

For the full regulations, please click here.

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